Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spam gonna make me a millionaire!

I got a request yesterday from 'KathBaker24' to link her interior design site to my blogroll. She offered to pay. I'm excited, because Keith and I totally aspire to buy this land for sale near us, but it will cost about a million and a half smackers. We have approximately no smackers.

I was a little bit surprised, because in the the post that KathBaker24 commented on, suggesting we join retail forces, I ranted in a bah-humbuggy fashion, about my attempts to fight commercialism and not buy stuff.

Well, I thought, if KathBaker24 is some kind of Esty-esque, hand-making, home-officey hipster, maybe with a baby or two, maybe annoyingly obsessed about organic underwear and chemical-free chemicals - in short, one of us - I'd better link her up. Support the sisterhood and all that.

Well, buckle my Birkenstocks, KathBaker74's site turned out to be some kind of huge, corporate concern. 150 outlets across the States.

Now, it's possible that I've been spammed by some sophisticated viral programs that has commented on blogs all over the interweb. Possibly wanting the bank details of a few. Sophisticated enough to sound sort of down-homey plausible. Thick enough to miss the anti-consumer message it purported to 'really like.'

But I'd hate to miss a potential opportunity. And also, I once had a fun email exchange with some Nigerian businessmen, and those are good memories, so I sent this email:

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your interest. I am a little surprised at your request, but have given it some thought. I would certainly consider linking your design site to my blog. The cost would be $1.5 million (AUS.), and for this price, I would also throw in a copy of Grass Roots

Magazine and a hand-made macrame toilet-roll doll.

Please let me know your thoughts,

Kind regards,

Mama Mogantosh

I'll keep you posted.


  1. I can't wait to hear her reply!! Ha! This is one funny post. I've been getting a few similar emails lately, I guess there is a whole market out there that some people tap into. Not me though! Thanks for the laughs xo

  2. I love the use of 'Kathy'. If I were a real Kath a Kathy would irk me into replying.

  3. HAHA!! thats just too funny!


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