Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On post # 250...and a giveaway!

My name is Rachael. And I am a blogger.

(Hi, Rachael.)

This little post marks 250 of these vignettes, rants, little stories, random thoughts, love-notes and brain-dumps.
250 moments that I have experienced, mused upon and packaged up. Packaged up into words, and presented to you. You, my readers.

Who are you?

Who are you?


Since my first post, this blog has been an important feature of my my life at home with two baby bears. It's marked all my milestones, and breakdowns, and triumphs. All the joys and sorrows of this intense phase of my life are here, writ large, and socked away in my little corner of the Interweb.

This place has served as my diary, as my therapist, and as a link to far-flung friends and family. It's connected me with long-lost buddies and introduced me to fascinating new ones. Over the time of writing these pages I've gotten used to a new kind of life, with funny times, crazy-making times, celebratory times, and some tough times, too. I've met some interesting locals, struggled with my new town, added a beautiful new baby, and spent a lot of time complaining about housework.

To celebrate this milestone, I'd like to give a little present to one of you out there, you shadowy readers, you kooky crew, you supporters and fellow travellers in the blogosphere.

You, the other half of this conversation I've been having.

I'd like to send you a package that I would like to receive. A copy of my favourite magazine: Grass Roots. A packet of my favourite chocolate: Wagon Wheels. And a bottle of beautiful organic bubbles. All to be enjoyed in my favourite place - the bath. (I mean your bath. I appreciate you. But I don't want you lying in my bath eating chocolate, dude.)

To enter, leave a comment below. Who are you? And why are you in this conversation? I'll randomly pick a winner in a week or so.

Thanks for listening.



  1. Congratulations on #250! Big milestone.

  2. 250 posts - fantastic, it has been great being along for the ride xxx

  3. who am I? you left an interesting comment on my daughter Veronica's blog. I clicked over and enjoyed your writing. I sensed a kindred spirit, a similarity. I don't comment often but I read you in my reader. and I like your blog.

    I am smiling at your prize. I have a foot high stack of well thumbed grass roots from the eighties lol, they were my bible. I even have the mud brick builders companion here.

    xo Kim

  4. Hi. I'm Justine. I read your site every other day after someone sent me a link to it, telling me that I would really 'get' your blog.

    And I do.

    Because I'm doing all the same things - embarking on a new phase of life where I've found myself being a parent of a daughter so wonderful it almost hurts, where the housework seems endless, the trips to Woolworths constant, the discussions regarding different puree very important, the independence long gone, and yet the overwhelming love for this life quite acute! I also really feel your need to pursue creativity from time to time.

    Basically, much of what you write reminds me that I'm not at all alone in my adventure. That means a lot to me - especially on the less than thrilling days, the days where I can be found prising a screaming toddler into a carseat in the rain, wiping snot off the shoulder of my new black shirt and singing the 500th rendition of 'Old Macdonald'.

    So, thank YOU Rachael.

    Justine x

  5. I don't want a prize.
    I just want to say woo.


  6. I don't want a prize either (still buying lots for myself after hitting the 50K - sorry, just had to mention it one more time!)

    Jo, I see your Woo and I'll add the Hoo!!!

    Congrats on a magnificent achievement Mama M. 250 absolute gems of heart-warming, hilarious, intelligent, beautifully, wittily written wisdom. You rock!

    And there's a book deal with your name on it. Come on - you've already written the book - go for it!

  7. i want it...i love all those things and your blog. lisa

  8. Yay! Being a parent and business owner and partner and worker, blogging to me is my social outlet and like hanging out with my friends. So I like to read about the milestones and the big and little stories. So thanks for sharing lovely mama!

  9. Hello Rachael,
    Congratulations on 250 posts. Impressive. I'm no one spesh. Just another mum trying to eke out a little niche that is mine and not intrinsically linked to parenting identity. Which, with each passing day, seems more and more daft. I mean I am a mother. I will forever more be a mother. It is a great thing. Something I longed for; and when it came it seemed to be taboo to embrace it completely. I am myself as I ever was, it is now I am also a mum. I can't separate the two.

    Enough of that. I read because you're fun and real and entertaining. And that is really what I look for when I want to have some thinking time.

    Thanks for the fab blog,

    Da Tuesday's

  10. well rach - i read because you make me feel like i am there instead of far away. and i have always loved the way you string words together. xx

  11. Hi, I picked up a copy of the free family magazine that you write in at the Shellharbour worlds biggest playgroup, so decided to check out your blog. I'm a stay at home mum to 3 preschoolers so I can relate to a lot of what you write. You make me laugh at my own life through the stories of yours. Thanks for that.

  12. I came across your blog a wee while ago after you left a comment. Since then I've enjoyed reading back through your blog.

    Plus you are the only person who has the same background colour on your blog.....I can't work out how to change it....or rather I can't find the time to work out how to change it.

    Bubbles in bath....seems like a lifetime ago!

  13. Who am I? I'm your husband. I love your blog and I love wagon wheels.

    Thanks for recording all those thoughts and movies, the funny days and the not-so-funny days. Posterity never looked so good.

    I'm so grateful that you've given our friends and relies - and your band of followers - the chance to watch our kids grow up.

    To quote Ivy: "You make me laugh, mum."

    To quote Teddy: "Oh, you, yinga-yenga-ying"

    Love, Dada Mogantosh.

  14. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the invitation to reveal myself. I'm an old fashioned girl and the one sided nature of this cyber conversation has struck me as a bit impolite at times, aswell as evoking the shy teenager within, the one who used to giggle along with the smart, witty girls, desperately wishing she could think of something stunning to say!
    Who am I? I'm your pal Amanda and I started following you when we left Otford as a way to keep in touch with your life and continue to watch your buttons grow.
    Why am I in this conversation? Because I love your company! Your words are wise, funny, joyful, sad. You've helped combat some of the lonely, frustrated or just plain humdrum moments of motherhood. But my favourite part is the belly laughs! Thankyou for sharing your talent. You're an inspiring lady.
    No prize thanks, it would be wasted on me. Difficult to believe that such a crime could be committed in civilised society but ..... I don't have a bath!!!


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