Monday, December 7, 2009

Nanna's Night Out

Mum and I went to see Tim Minchin on the weekend. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by life at home recently. A great time to have a change of scenery.

Tim Minchin is an amazing performer, if you're not familiar. A crazy pianist, with intense, dense, filthy lyrics. Sort of 'thinking woman's crumpet'. He planted a breakdancing man in a bear suit in the audience for his number 'Bears Don't Dig On Dancing,' and he wheeled out a standing fan, unbuttoned his shirt and blew his hair back, rock-god style, for his show-stopping number 'Take Your Canvas Bags To The Supermarket.'

Here he is, performing 'If I didn't Have You', what you might call the rationalists love anthem...

Being out in the world was a blast. Mum and I caught up and had a lovely dinner.

Some highlights:

I talked to a Buddhist nun about Tenzin Palmo's book Cave In The Snow.
Bought Keith a beautiful Christmas present.
Laughed with a crowd, as teenage girls in a stretch Hummer squealed past waving champagne glasses out of the window.
Sympathised with some drunken footy types who yahood and hooted past on the back of a horse-drawn carriage, failing to look as masculine as they perhaps had hoped, as the horse sedately clipp-clopped through the city.
Jumped as a loony man walked past at Central Station, waving a rolled up newpaper in front of his crotch and shouting 'I've got a big one!'
Scared a poor lady passing-by as I re-enacted him for Mum.

Back home, the kids looked so big! And bang; there I was, back in the loop of tanty negotiation, snack creation and crisis management. And washing-up; always the washing-up. But just when I feel like I'm going south-of-sanity...they take their cute pills and perform a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang duet:

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