Monday, December 21, 2009

The giveaway winner is... lamb chops!

Dear readers,

I'm sorry that this is so late, but I did promise a few weeks ago to pick a winner for my celebratory 250th-post giveaway. I haven't talked about it yet, but I was so touched and tickled by your responses to that post.

Sometimes it's a very strange and narcissistic procedure, writing what amounts to an online diary out to the ether. That's why it's always so pleasing to have a commenter join in the conversation. I was really hoping that a random lurker or two might appear, and you did, so hi! and thanks so much. Did you see that even Keith made a cameo appearance?

It made my day.

I got Ivy to help me randomly pick a winner today. It went like this:

-Ivy, can you pick a number between one and fourteen?
-(top volume) ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR....
-No, that's good, but what's your favourite number?
-Lamb chops.
-Yes, yummy, but what is the best number between one and fourteen?

So there you have it. Frogspondrock, it's you, lady! I do love your work, and you can add this Grass Roots to your foot-high pile from the 80's.

Can you let me know an email so we can exchange addresses?

I love youse all (especially you, K.)

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  1. WooHoo YAY for me. Thanks to Miss Ivy,and now as an added bonus I feel like some lamb

    My email is frogpondsrock AT gmail DOT com.

    Thanks heaps. and a very Merry Cat in the Hat day to you. xx Kim


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