Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The state of me.

I'm so excited about New From Old and Handmade Home, the books I just ordered. Hoopdy-doo! Our loveable neighbours Helen and Bruce gave us Amazon and Bunnings vouchers for wedding presents. Inspired.

So I've got that books-in-the-mail anticipation...

Two sleeping kiddos (one working through some new teeth, and one sleeping off the naughty attack that preceded bedtime)...

A lonely bed and hobo dinner (cold sausages and tomato sauce) while Keith is in Canberra...

And L Word, season 3 to enjoy.

Hope you're all having a good Tuesday too.


  1. How clever to give bunnings/amazon vouchers! Will have to file that one away. Great purchases, I am lusting after the handmade home (even though I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be with The Creative Family - doesn't matter, I think I'm still a soulemama wanna be).

  2. Oh don't you just love new books?! They both sound great, I have heard of Homemade Home but not the other one. Like the sound of your dinner..hmmm! I've enjoyed reading your blog tonight too xo


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