Thursday, November 5, 2009

An inspiring talk on creativity. Ole!

This 20-minute talk appeared to me, as messages should, from two places simultaneously : mamamia and marvellous kiddo. It features Elizabeth Gilbert author of eat, pray, love (a book so zeitgeisty, so bestsellery that you want to hate it, but so good you read it twice.) Gibert herself is as loveable as a bag of mongrel puppies.

Here she talks about - her words -'the maddening capriciousness of the creative process" and how to basically, get over yourself. Oh, I love that. I watched this with a warm sleeping Ted on my lap, and made him jump at the end when I spontaneously shouted "Ole!'

I hope you do too.


  1. i read this book a few years ago and of course i loved it. ive read a few interviews from gilbert since - will try find for you - but this one is great. ta. lisax

  2. I thought this book would be utter shite and was horrified that someone gave it to me when I was in my vulnerable post birth haze staring at my tiny wee thing resting in her hospital clearplasticbedbathbucket. I still can't believe how much I enjoyed it.

    Thanks so much for the link to the interview.

  3. I found it on mamamia too and wrote a bit of waffle re: my thoughts there, but to sum it up in three words. Love. Loved. Loving.

    Meanwhile, am now trying not to freak out that you, someone I kinda sorta know through someone I know very well (Rachel G), is possibly reading the absolute wafty pofty piffle I sometimes come out with on the mamamia comments pages. (BTW, there are some seriously feisty ladies visiting that site, non?)

  4. Ps - Michelle - I have surfed the Mamamia comments a couple of times but not much, so have not come across any shocking nobbiness from you..but will keep an eye out from now on!


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