Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You can stop saving the drama for your mama now. Please.

Yesterday morning I struggled to get out of the shower. I was so deep in my daydream about what I had to do at the office. Jeez I had a good time.

Better get onto planning that trip to Brewarrina for the teenage pregnancy position paper, I thought, and mused for a while on the best way to run a community round-table discussion. Then I had a meeting to discuss funding for a research project on swingers in NSW, and scheduled some time to write a factsheet on chlamydia for the web.

I did used to have a fun job.

We're only on tank water here though, and at about 30%, so I finally had to cut my little party short and get back to my real life.

Can you tell things at home with the puppies are wearing me out a little?

Ivy has the naughties, big time, and Teddy has the cling-ons, so all day it feels like I just prise one baby off my shin long enough for the other to kick me in it. I'm planning changes - stricter routines, better planning of Ivy's activities, and other options, but this week has been so full-on that I'm all over the place like a mad-womans shit.

The naughty shelf has been piled high, and my right hip, doing overtime as Teddy-shelf, has locked up tight like drum. Even the naughtiness + time= comedy equation has failed to work lately.

Sense of humour going south, and dreaming of the good old days writing papers on the increase of syphilis in Sydney's gay population.

I think I'm in need of a holiday.


  1. Lucky they go to bed. Eventually. And the the wine comes out and it all goes away. Ahhh.

  2. I can highly recommend the restoravit benefits of a little holiday or two...:) But you're right- those were the days. I will carry the memory of the 9.30 am 'sexosaurus' brainstorming meeting with me until the day I die. xxx

  3. what is it with swingers in NSW??? I know towen where you oculd start your research- I am not personally involved but could point you in the right direction! ( our jobs sound like they cross over a bit)

  4. Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll but not in that order - I went from Drug (health) to Sex (health). Now its either Bob (the builder) remixing his new tunes into funky beats or Christmas with The Wiggles. Or for a few months there was Ivy's rendition of the old fav - Happy Birthday. Occasionally I get some strange version of what is playing on the radio....


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