Monday, August 10, 2009

Frozen yoghurt yumminess.

Too easy!

Blueberries, one each in the holes of an ice-cube tray. (A good job for a two-year-old sortmeister.) Honey mixed into plain yoghurt, freeze, and serve.

Berry delicious - I think they will be the hit of summer at this joint.


  1. that is gold!!! Brilliant idea! What about watermelon cut into triangles with a paddlepop stick put into the skin- frozen- then becomes an iceblock!

  2. Ivy's shirt is the hit of the summer.

  3. Brilliant! I want some of those just for me, never mind the kidlet

  4. Yum.I will be making these this summer. Or raspberry ones, or cherries even.

    I am having a giveaway if you would like to come over and join in, the more the merrier, cheers Kim

  5. Soooo good. I am as keen as to make that for my little monkeys. Thanks for the idea, happy days to

  6. I just had to explain the T-shirt to Denis. He is worried about Ivy's taste in men...

  7. I have just finished an awesome read of your blog! You are hilarious! Ivy and Teddy sound like such crackers. You've inspired me to keep a blog.

    (Pottymouthmama rocks for links, ps and by the way)


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