Saturday, August 1, 2009

Early morning in the Imaginarium

All three of us are sunk into our morning worlds. I am singing little snatches of leftover dream-soundtrack and slinging bits of rockmelon, toast and apple onto high chair and countertop. Ivy interrupts my reverie.

'Hello, Mummy,' she squeaks.

'Oh, hello,' I reply. 'Who am I talking to?'

Ivy has her head at a strange angle. 'I am Ivy's hair!' she sqeaaks. 'I have no eyes and no mouth! I cannot get off Ivy's head!'

I give Ivy's hair a little pat, Teddy watches thoughtfully and we all return to our toast.

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  1. My grand daughter Amy was catching fish from the comfort of the couch and storing them down my jumper. They were very wriggly..


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