Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My 38th birthday - in pictures.

Happy-birthday morning hugs. Poor Ivy has inherited Mum and Dad's crazy hair.

Off to a local fete for aimless wandering and togetherness.

Look Mum, a 'C' for children!

A sneeze, frozen in time. Keith rises above his swine flu to put on a happy face, a funny hat and a yummy bacon-and-egg-roll birthday lunch. Hug me, Mummy! And cover me with kisses. Just before bed, a final lesson for Ted: love hurts. And here they are, my best present of all.


  1. I just weed my pants with gorgeousness (bloody pelvic floor!). You look tops too, lady.

  2. Oh HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love Ivy's bed head. So cute. I love all the lovin' going on in your nest.

  3. Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! love the candle blowing.. Bisous.

  4. Have Shelley or I introduced you to the concept of D.O.C.P?

    It stands for Dying Of Cute Poisoning. Just thought I'd mention it.

    Happy Birthday, you old scrag.

  5. Thanks. I love youse all. 38 good so far - and still exciting secret presnt outing to come on Sat...

  6. Yah Happy Birthday birthday buddy to my Aunty Rach.


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