Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nice melons.

Kindly and lyrical Amber over The Nutrients Of Life sent me a Watermelon Award - which says that my blog is sweet and refreshing.

Or seedy, dense and bad with beer.

Or something.

Thanks Amber!

Its not like I have to dust off my mascara, wax my legs and thank my heavenly father, but still, it's not often I get an award! (If I did, here would be my top picks: 1. Nicest snack pack. 2. Best making-a-banana-dance-in-the-front-seat-to-amuse-the-kids, and 3. Most patient response to wee on the carpet/kick in the head/keys down the toilet. )

So I'm supposed to name 6 things that make me happy, and then pick 6 of my own favourite blogs.

1. Number one with a (chocolate) bullet: Keith, Ivy and Theoodore, my three beloveds. It's some kind of karmic Lotto that I get to wake up with, go to bed with, and hang out with them every day. Bliss indeed.

2. Dark chocolate, a new issue of Grass Roots magazine, a free hour and a hot bath.

3. Tucking tracksuit pants into socks, and t-shirts into tracksuit pants, as Keith and I joyfully slide into middle age.

4. Coming home and hearing Teddy trip over his own feet and hands as he tries desperately to crawl at a gallop up the hall to Mummy. If he was a cartoon, he'd be a gormless puppy with legs cartwheeling in the air. Oh, to be loved!

6. Watching series TV on DVD with Keith while babies sleep. Currently - The Wire and the L Word are nicely feeding the two sides of my brain... where I just might be a hip Californian lesbian with an edgy haircut, a desk in Homicide and an unresolved dark past.

And now, to share the sweet and sticky love:

Jo: one half of the Thorneley funny-twins. Jo's best moment- when she realised that 'swine flu' was the past tense of 'pigs fly.'

Shelley: the other half. Also wet-your-pants funny. And if we ever get the band back together, we can revisit our three part harmony to 'You Are My Sunshine' on the nose-flute.

Christel: A new eco-for-kids blog with interesting links and a little Gallic style.

Tori: Food. Porn.

Total Sustainability: Such a great blog about an inspiring way of life.

PottyMouth Mama: Sweet, personal, quirky. Humour and love for her family infuse every post. A great read.

Thanks to you all for sweetening my days.


  1. No, YOU are. Thanks for the nod, m'lady. And right back atcha, you funny, patient, lucky, lovely, yummy mummy.

    You gots snack-packin' beats.


  2. I Like the N.3, I can picture you two!

  3. Coincidentally, you are now my sunshine.

    And one of my all-time favourite memories is walking through Darlo with you and Shirl, playing the nose-flute. That sounds more like a euphemism than it's meant to...

  4. Hi MamaM,
    Thanks for the nomination :-) High praise in deed!

    Cheers, Julie


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