Thursday, June 11, 2009

A lovely time.

Tonight, constructing vege burgers, I tried to be cool as Ivy practiced climbing in and out of Teddys high chair in the kitchen. I was nervous.

I've been musing on 'stepping back' lately, and allowing her to be more of a danger mouse. Of course, I know that this means she will break her neck and I will burn in a Hell of my own making.

Such are the sweet thoughts of motherhood.

Ivy chanted 'Be careful! Be careful!' to save me the trouble as she arkwardly clambered in and out. Teddy rearranged the Tupperware drawer to a pattern in his head and and shouted 'Bah!' in delight.

Finally, Ivy rested in trumph, sang a few lines of 'Click Go The Shears', and then said 'We're having a lovely time, Mummy.'

'Yes, we are,' I said.

Plus, she was wearing this hat.


  1. It's hard, knowing when to step in and when to step back. I have struggled with this a lot myself. And I have struggled with the same thoughts.

    It sounds like you're doing a pretty good job of balancing. And I love the hat. :)

  2. Nice chapeau, Ivy <:-) The boys are still testing me, their fav: running wild in car parks.. Bon week-end. x

  3. I have nominated you for an award, come play along if you

  4. So damn cute. I try to stand back too. It's hard, but so worth it!


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