Monday, June 1, 2009

In which i drink a little Shiraz and come over all Dada

Should breastfeeding mothers wear alcohol-inhibiting ankle bracelets?

I went out for a girls night this weekend with my new local crew. Keith and I don't like to leave the house much these days. We prefer to play banjo and write up the times our neighbours enter and leave the street in a little log book.

I had a really, really good time, but I did wake up with some drinkers remorse.

A few glasses of red, and I've made two obscene speeches. Like, really obscene. And also, bizarre. My friends in Sydney were out on at the same time. Reports in from that gathering have it ending with two friends photographing their genitals and then asking passers-by to rate the photos.

Possibly, Coledale got off lightly. Also, the wedding could be interesting. I might rethink the plans for video.

But get this - next morning, Teddy woke me for a feed at 7am, then went back to sleep in our bed, and he and Ivy didn't wake again until 9.30! They've never done that! How did they know Mummy had the Shiraz-flu?

Top kids.


  1. in the old days, (in France) we used to put a little bit of wine in the biberon (bottle) so the baby would sleep soundly!(true) :)

  2. Wow kidlings allowing you to sleep through your hazing moment...yep that is lucky.
    I did have a good giggle through this

  3. Had my first night out in Brisvagas - top night - stayed out until 3am. Had very random requests for chicken and sex (in that order). Regardless of the level of intoxication from admirers it was nice to know I could still "pull".
    The best part though, was waking up at 6.30 having a shower (by myself), grabbing a coffee out (by myself), reading an entire weekend paper (by myself), indulging in reflexology (by myself) and finishing a breakfast out (by myself).
    The best BEST part ..... seeing my kids when I got home (and having the Pammy Anderson's deflated)



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