Friday, June 26, 2009

In which 10-year old Teddy and I have a wild Saturday night of occupational therapy.

The upside to being shaken suddenly out of slumber several times in the night by wailing babes or toddlers with odd requests (Mum, I haffa have a jam sandwich in my bed NOW!) is that you remember your dreams. Much more than when you peacefully come to a natural state of alert.

Last night I had a great one.

Teddy was about ten, and he and I went off to the RSL for our favourite Saturday evening outing - a night called Fancy Apartments.

There were big boxes everywhere with labels like 'Lounge-Room' and 'Den', and lots of tables set up with cardboard houses. We all hung out and arranged furniture, picking through boxes and admiring each others decor.

It was sort of like Play School meets Grand Designs.

Just a top night out.

If only it could be real.

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