Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sudden Love Tuggles

I am filled with love for my babies today.

Is it because for the first time, last night, I cooked the same meal for both kids? What a milestone! Brown rice pasta and spaghetti bol with hidden veges. Ivy's Wiggles spoon featured too.

I don't think so. It started off well but Teddy just flung his dinner everywhere but his mouth and Ivy didn't eat much although I tried all the tricks (It's Daddy's favourite! The Wiggles eat it! Nanna made it!)She just wanted to play one of her odd games where she pretends to put the food to bed under her arm. She sings to it, kisses it and then puts it back on the plate. It's funny. But it's not nutritious.

Is it because I am so rested?

I don't think that's it. Keith is in Canberra and last night's bedtime panto went something like this:

7pm - Both to bed. Ivy goes straight to sleep. Teddy checks in at the Heartbreak Hotel and cries for half an hour while I go in and comfort him every five minutes or so. Horrible.

8pm - Teddy asleep. Ivy calls out. I keep the room dark and creep in. 'There's a hair in my mouth, Mummy,' she whimpers. I reach blindly in the dark to find her wide open jaws. I poke decisively and say 'All better, off to sleep now.'

9pm - Ivy awakes for a second round. 'Mummy!' she wails. 'There's another hair in my mouth!' Creep, poke, tuck back in.

10.30 - Teddy wakes, hungry. Feed him and tuck him into my bed where he spends the next few hours squirreling closer and closer in until I'm clinging to the last four inches of my side. He wakes every hour or so to wail for his dummy until:

3am - He wakes up, discovers he can reach the blinds above his head and has a wild old time playing for half an hour.

5am - Ivy wakes and calls out. 'I need my eepy, Mummy!' It's under her head. What she meant to say was 'I need to quickly check that you are are still enslaved to my every whim, Mummy.'

5.30 - Teddy is hungry again. I hold him off for a while (I'm still fighting the losing side in a battle to assert a routine) but give in and feed him back to sleep.

7.30 - we're all awake, in bed together and ready to start the day.

It's not logical. It could be sleep-deprived psychosis, but all day long the love has been in the air. Ivy has been saying the funniest things, and every time I turn around Teddy is sitting up, looking pleased with himself.

So we've been playing Sudden Love Tuggles, where we grab each other in a big hug and say 'I love you, I love you, I love you!'

What a good day.

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  1. Hope you have snaffled plenty of good sleeps since this night, but such a cute story.


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