Thursday, March 19, 2009

going off-routine

This autumn weather is so damn spectacular it makes me want to shake old Nature by the hand. The routine had to take in crafty outdoor time. We decided to take a walk down the beautiful road we live on, collect pretty leaves, come home and do some of the wonderful things we read about in Kids Craft Weekly. Ivy put on her favourite boots, got a leaf-bag and off we set on our mission.

Along the way we ran into our neighbours Aloysius, Gus and Maya. She owns a circus! They decided to come and do leafy craft too.

The craft didn't go down too well. I had the wrong paint, the leaves sort of fell apart and the kids weren't too interested in the first place...not when there was Thomas around.

But it did give Teddy and Maya the chance to get aqquainted, as their proud mothers watched and dreamed of a groovy future hand-fasting, or at least an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

What to do instead? Trampoline! We ate banana cake and drank tea.





  1. I think you and Shelley are twins. Which kind of makes me feel weird.

  2. Does this mean you will start feeling my pain - not like Oprah does, but in the actual physical sense?


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