Wednesday, February 11, 2009

victorian firestorms

Australia is a country of weather extremes, and we're used to nature wielding awesome power. But the recent Victorian fire storms have left us all reeling - it's our worst natural disaster on record. Whole communities have been wiped out, entire towns are closed off as crime scenes and the TV is flooded with images of people sitting in groups looking dazed.

So far nearly 200 people have died in the most horrific circumstances: trapped in their cars fleeing as the fire turns and chases after them at terrible speeds; or staying to protect their homes and losing power and water to fight.

Innumerable birds and animals have lost their lives.

It's heartbreaking. Mum said to me: Imagine that Coledale was wiped out and all your nieghbours killed. I'm holding my babies close this week.

Can you imagine your neighbourhood?

You can make online donations to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal here.

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  1. Hi, saw your post, had to comment. A former firefighter mate of mine [Daryl] and I have researched the bushfire/firestorm issue -- we 'published' our paper via my weblog, and sent copies off to VIPs.

    Zero interest.

    Have a look at our work. If you have feedback or input to make it better, contact us through the comment section. If you like it, send it to your friends or even contact your local MP.

    We want to get trials underway before next summer -- we don't want to see a repeat of this tragedy next year -- or thereafter.

    Kind regards


    Link here:


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