Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ivy blogs about her day

No-Nappy Sunday started well. I did wee on all my Thomas underpants. All of them! By 10am! Teddy looked pretty impressed. I managed to get one wee in the potty after lunch though. It was by accident but you should have seen Mum and Dad. They started cheering like idiots and did this whole happy dance. I don't get it.

Mum seemed to do a lot of washing today.

I had a lot to do myself, like putting Teddy's cot together. I let Dad fool around with some nails and things. He's easier to live with when he feels like he's been useful.

Man, raking the grass is a back-breaker though.

Needed a little afternoon tea to recharge.

It was seriously hot. I had to work hard to cool the baby down.

Sure, there were a few moments of existential angst.

But at the end of the day I went for a swim with Dad. The car wouldn't start at the beach so he had to walk up the big hill with me in the sling. He said he wasn't that happy because he was really, really tired but he's crazy. It was great! I laughed all the way home. I love it when Dad is my donkey.

Tomorrow I think I'll try hiding some puddles in funny places, like Mummy's bed.

See ya!


  1. Dear Ivy

    I can see you're going to make a wonderful writer- just like your very very clever mum. Must say I particularly like your minimalist fashion choices. Every outfit, no matter how scant is instantly improved with lemon crocs and a rake. xxx tori

  2. Wasn't it Coco Chanel who said 'Get dressed...and then take three things off.'

    Baby fashionista.


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