Monday, January 12, 2009

in which the babies eat and sing

Feels good to be back into the swing of life. Keith trotted out happily to the caravan this morning, ready to graph and ponder, and the baby buttons and I resumed Monday morning's routine of park, shops and home. Ivy ran away once, darted into the chemist and was behind the counter and out the back like a flash. I only tracked her down by the distant 'Ooh!' of the shop assistant. Other than that, no dramas. This afternoon I planted herbs and lettuce, Teddy rolled around the floor and Ivy made nests, filled them with books, blankets and stuffed animals and used them to hide out and surreptitiously suck on forbidden dummies.

It was a big day for little Ted - he started eating real food at lunchtime. He's a chunky monkey, our boy - at just under five months, he's over 8 kilos, which puts him in the 85th percentile on the growth charts. He still feeds every three hours at night, so I'm really having trouble these days My hope is that by loading him up on rice cereal I can start encouraging him to sleep longer at night. Jesus, Mary and Josephine, pray for me. Little Ivy, on the other hand, just makes it on the bottom end of the scales (but makes up for the lack of beef in an excess of theatricality. Yesterday, for instance, she waved her arms around and cried 'Ivy's touching air!') Here's a little movie that - bias notwithstanding - clearly shows musicality beyond her years. Don't you think?

Here's adorable Teddy discovering rice cereal:

And for comparison's sake, here is Ivy's first feed, at a month older than Teddy is now.

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