Tuesday, January 27, 2009

breaking news

So although in real life I struggle these days to remember where I put the keys, it turns out that Dream-Me is, like, totally smart. For realsies!

For those of you who don't know Keith, he's an professional egghead, doing academic research in photovoltaics. Solar cells. Fundamental physics. Him don't speaky English when him talky work stuff.

But he had a dream that I discovered 'groaners'.

A groaner is a fourfold positively charged silicon nitride molecule... but only in Keith's dream-life. In the harsh light of day, they don't exist.

After he had tried to explain the dream three or four times, my brain hurt. I asked him if groaners would be good, if they were real.

He got that far-away, Nobel Prize, for-the-good-of-science look in his eye.

'Groaners would be totally cool,' he said.

My heart swelled with pride. I wonder where Dream-Me should publish?

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