Monday, January 26, 2009

how a lovely bookshelf made me happy

Check this out!

After two years in the thinking, this wooden brain-child emerged from the creative depths of Daddy Bear. The neighbours came round for a ceremonial unveiling yesterday afternoon.

This is Phase 1 of the bookshelves which will eventually cover this whole wall, with a sliding ladder for functional fabulousness. The photos aren't too clear, but you get the idea.

My thousands of books in boxes have been emerging from cupboards into the light, and we have been greeting each other like old friends. Made of wood, and made of love, I've been telling Ivy. Thanks Keith. For the thinking. For the work. For the two years you spent making something so beautiful, just to make your woman happy. I'm happy!


  1. I want one. I want one. I want one.
    Maybe in 2013, when our lounge-room is no longer over-run with lego and handprints. Should I place the order now?

  2. yay for amazing husbands who make us happy! those bookshelves look & sound amazing (i mean, a sliding ladder, c'mon!).
    i'm so glad you emerged from lurkdom to leave such a kind and encouraging comment on my blog! it's wonderful to know you and your lovely blog. thanks for reading. xoxo.


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