Friday, November 21, 2008

the housewife blues

I'm having a day.

Keith went off to town for an interesting meeting this morning, showered and shaved, wearing real clothes. Me, I'm sporting this seasons Vomit and Wee collection, chosen by many of the citys most fashionable derros and lunatics.

The housework faces me accusingly in all directions. The washing-up is breeding and I just went to bring in the laundry to find that little flying ants have chosen it as their summer nesting place. That explains the little bites on Teddy's face.

Ivy has a cold and is really ratty. She threw a cup of water high into the air in frustration yesterday and made me sleep with a dummy in when I brought her into bed with me. If I took it out she screamed and pushed it back in quite violently, then stared into my face to make sure I didn't remove it again. On the other hand, she sat so quietly over her lunch that I asked what was on her mind. She thoughtfully replied 'Penis'. So life still holds some amusements.

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