Sunday, November 16, 2008

adrian's party

Brother and uncle extraordinaire Adrian turned 40 recently and we had a blast in Centennial Park. That's the man of the moment down the bottom wearing the hat and the big smile. Keith's Uncle Roly took these great pictures.

While going for a walk today - Ivy in Keith's backpack, Teddy in my front-sling - Ivy looked at the baby and said 'Teddy happy. Ivy happy. Daddy happy. And Mummy happy too.' And a day or two ago, some poo escaped Ivy's nappy and as I picked it up with a baby wipe she said brightly 'Eat it, Mummy?'

Gifted, I'm telling you.

... somehow another picture of Barack Obama has got on here. Now how did that happen? (I found it on Joannas blog.)

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