Tuesday, September 30, 2008

missing the arms of morpheus

God, I miss you Sleep, my darling, my beloved. I don't think I appreciated you enough. You've forced me to start an affair with Coffee Pot, and although things are going well,I'd dump him in a second to have you back.

Luckily Teddy is as cute as a button.

Ivy has taken to waking up at 6am and moaning until we get her out of bed. The other morning she said her longest sentence yet. 'Wake up, Mummy and Daddy!' This morning we were all up early negotiating the day ahead after we made all her stuffed toys perform 'New York, New York'. (Anything to escape 'The Wheels on The Bus'.) It's a complicated system... OK, so you'll take the kids for an hour while I have a bath, then I'll take them while you go for a surf, then I'll take them while you do the tax, then you'll take them while I do the kitchen, then we'll all hang out this afternoon.

Keith and I know where our pecking order is in this chickenhouse. Yesterday while I made the bed Ivy sat in the middle and demanded juice. 'OK, shall we go and get it?' I said. She looked at me implacably. 'Do you want to come and get it, or shall Mummy just be your servant?' I asked. 'Servant,' she said decisively.

Teddy feeds often, grunts for hours and also does this wierd trick where he soaks the back of his clothes...but not his nappy. I can only think he's throwing up at some bizarre angle. I try and figure it out as I change his clothes in the middle of the night, but my brain isn't capable of thinking in more than one-syllable. I'm lucky I can get it together to attach him to my nipple and not my earlobe.

Speaking of nipples, we all went to get hot chips last night and while in the shop, Ivy looked down Keiths top, commented 'Nipples..' and then suddenly tried to breastfeed. I guess she thinks Teddy just bites Mummy for a while because she just about took a chunk out of Keiths nipple. Poor Keith was really in pain and I just managed to say 'Don't bite Daddy, Ivy,' before I had to turn my head away to hide the tears of laughter. I am a bad person.

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  1. It's not spew it is this crazy penis thing. Totally weirded me out with Coops but you have to make sure the wee fellas penis is down and nappy pretty tightly fixed to keep it down when the involuntry occurs.... Bodhi is the same. Crazy hippy reusable nappies were the worst - I'll be a better hippy when theyt get it right and poo is not involved. xx


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