Tuesday, September 2, 2008

introducing theodore

Well, it's been nearly three weeks and I feel like I'm just emerging from the fog.

Early parenthood is a blur - it has to be, or you'd never do it again. Little Theo aka Teddy aka Banana was born weighing 3 kilos on August 14th. He's a blond grommet, with big navy blue eyes and dimples. Cute as a nughty button. Right now he's asleep on my lap as I type one-handed. He looks like Yoda with his little-old-man wrinkles and his grumpy sleep face.

Keith is having a great time on paternity leave, spending his time playing with Ivy and lookingt after me , Theo and the house. Ivy, as you can imagine, is in heaven. All Daddy, all the time. She's not been at all jealous of the baby and likes to give him kisses, pat him on the head and help change his nappy. She has learned to say 'balls' and 'nipples'.In fact, she's been just beautiful.

We're working our way through all the meals in the freezer, doing crosswords and watching a super-glam seris called Mad Men, set in 1960's New York. I enjoy critiquing the ultra-glam hair and fashion as I sit on the lounge, topless, hooked up to a breast pump and blowing my nose on a spare nappy.

I had a rough time recovering from the caesarean this time around and also managed to score the evil midwife shift at the private hospital where I had to spend a week. There were a lot of tears. I thought after breastfeeding Ivy for eight months that my body would jump back on that bike with no problems but was sorely wrong there - sore being the operative word. For two weeks my nipples were cracked, blistered, and even bleeding. Allow me to indulge in self-pity for a moment here - imagine a tiny chef using a cheese grater on your delicates every three hours around the clock...and then add post-operative pain, massive hormonal shifts and an aching back. It's not the picture they paint in the Kleenex commercials.

All is improving thjough - I'm wearing clothesand Teddy and I even went out alone yesterday on a mission to the library and the coffee shop. Luckily, Theo is a very easy baby. He's squirted a mustard poo-bomb at me at high velocity, and thats about the naughtiest trick he's managed. He's been really quiet, but is starting to perk up more - at night he grunts and sqeuaks loudly for an hour after every feed. Its like sharing the bedrroom with a tiny drunk wombat.

Heres a few pictures of the new family setup and the little man himself.

Thanks to everybody for your cards, calls and packages. It's your support, and the tiny violins, that get me through the nights.

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  1. Michelle BarracloughSeptember 3, 2008 at 3:16 PM

    Hi Rachel

    I'm a friend of Rachel Grayson's. We were in the same mother's group with our boys.

    She put me onto your blog last year and I have loved it. You have the most gorgeous turn of phrase. I hope you are writing professionally. If not, you should be.

    Congratulations on Teddy - he is adorable!

    Take care & best of luck ducking the mustard poo bombs (better than the dark green pond scum of earlier days though non?)



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