Monday, September 15, 2008

foxy baby

After a month of debate, Keith and I have settled on a middle name for the little man. It's Fox. Short for Fantastic Mr Fox, the Roald Dahl character.

We're going to give all the babies literary middle names. Characters with traits, ambitions and qualities to think about, if not aspire to. Hippy-liberal pretentiouness? Maybe... But hey - at least we're not cursing the kid with a name like Tallulah does The Hula in Hawaii, like a recent couple in NZ. (Really.) And it could be worse - we're not spelling it Pho'x.

The Fantastic Mr Fox is a wily creature who outwits and outsmarts the nasty farmers on his tail. He's a sharp, enterprising family man with style. And he knows how to throw a party.

Ivy's middle name is Scout after the female protaganist of the classic To Kill a Mockingbird. She's curious and questing, feisty and fearless, lovable and loving. She seeks social justice, questions authority and stands up to the boys.

Fox and Scout.

Thems our babies.

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