Tuesday, August 12, 2008

stick a fork in me, I'm done

D-Day tomorrow. Ready or not, here comes Banana, fully cooked and ready to meet his makers. We are madly trying to get everything ready; from cleaning the bassinet and polishing the nappies, to washing tiny outfits, buying belly-button cleaner and sewing up Bananas woolly blanket. Heres a picture of it - and thanks so much to all the lovely knitters who made it possible.

Does Ivy know whats going to happen? Theres been a lot of baby talk, and she loves to show everybody she meets her belly and announce 'Baby...'..but it's hard to know how much she gets it - she's not two until October, after all. It will be interesting around here. She's not sleeping so well, and has been introduced to the naughty corner recently. It's time Discipline entered her life, just to help manage the drama. Last week Mum was here and Ivy threw a wobbly over something or other. She dropped onto the rug and started (carefully) banging her head. Mum and I ignored her so she looked up and said indignantly 'Head! Bang! Head!'

She has an extraordinary number of words now and can converse all day long, although she's only strung a few together. To date: Love Daddy, Naughty Buttons, and Pants Down. She remains obsessed with the TV show In The Night Garden, which she calls Ponk, and will do her Iggle Pggle dance at any opportunity.

She's such an irrepressible, amazing little creature. Its been an incredible couple of years. I can't wait to get to know the next little one...sometime after 7am tomoorow.

Wish us luck!