Friday, July 4, 2008

adorable ivy

Ivy is so funny. This week she is enjoying lying in bed and crooning 'Bruce' (her favourie word), pushing the garlic crusher around the house in a toy stroller, dropping her shoe down the composting toilet, walking with one foot in a saucepan and begging us to play 'Horse', where we put her dog Dodo on our laps and make him gallop until he flies across the room. When she's happy, she stamps her right foot, and when she's had enough of any conversation she's not central to - the doctor, a neighbour, a shop-keeper; she interupts by waving pointedly and loudly saying 'Bye!'

After having a bath with her friend Gabe last week she discovered- shall we say - her feminine side... Now her favourite words are 'Bruce' and 'vagina'.

The malaise of the last season is over, and now she laughs all day long.

In these pics she's eating 'nice' - her name for the box of food that lives in Mummys handbag. It took me a while to work out why she kept asking for 'nice' - because I'd give it to her and then ask 'Is that nice?' And now thats what it's called.

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