Monday, April 21, 2008

a blanket for baby Banana

This post is for all the crafty knitters out there in Banana's life. This winter baby will need a blanket and so I'm going to knit him one, made up of squares from lots of people in his world.

Here are the specs:

Size 8 needles (or 4mm)
8 ply wool
30 stitches by 30 rows
Any shade of blue (we don't know its a boy but we've already got a girl so we figure we'll raise this one male regardless).

Anybody with the time, the love and the skills, thank you! (Please don't think they have to be good skills. Every time I try to knit the rows get smaller and tighther as I go until all I knit are triangles. But I'm pretty sure Banana won't notice).

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  1. I love this idea! Started my first square last night. amy xx


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