Tuesday, March 18, 2008

nanna wishes to point out that ivy is not being raised by wolves

Mum is worried that this blog is giving the impression that keith and I are raising Ivy as some kind of savage. She would like me to confirm that the gastro bug originated at a party where half the guests got sick, and not from our guzzling at the tap of the e.Coli tank. Also that the composting dunny didn't actually overflow, and it's much more like a real toilet than, say, a long-drop over the compost bin.

I will add that it's only on the first Tuesday of the month that we sacrifice a goat for Satan, and Naked Thursday is just something that we share with the neighbours. It brings us together, and Keith enjoys the volleyball.

PS - Ivy is walking! When I capture it on film I'll post a video.

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  1. Dear miss rach, ivylicious and banana to be...

    I don't think anyone could ever doubt your abilities in anything.

    Reading this in the apartment in Paris where I'm getting fantastically fatter by the day- and am so ecstatically excited that you'll be adding to your fruit bowl...!

    Hoping you are feeling well- have a dreadful day today, have to go to Champagne and taste some things. xx tori


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