Wednesday, March 5, 2008

february report

February has taken its toll on Clan Mogantosh and the blog has been a casualty. We've passed a series of illnesses back and forth, including a horrible gastro bug that left me wretched on the lounge while Ivy laughed and mimicked my vomiting noises. If I was a horse they would have shot me.

Keith went under with a bad flu and treated it in his own way, as much of his life. His recuperative technique involves tucking in every piece of his clothing into another one and cooking in his own bacterial casserole.

One day he was on the front steps watching Ivy just inside the door, depeleted of life-force and wierdly lying prone up the stairs, wearing one black furry sock and one white, tucked into his badly-patched tracksuit pants, which were pulled high and tucked into his t-shirt (which read 'I do what the voices tell me'.) He hadn't had a shower for three days and his hair was Brett Whiteley-esque. Plus he had the crazy eyes of the flu-ridden. It was a bad time for a lost driver to ask for directions. He probably already thought he had stumbled on a Deliverance-style cult-nest in the bush, and couldn't quite escape quick enough.

We are now almost entirely better, and Keith has untucked himself. Ivy is very well although still getting around with the swinging gait of a small ape. We hope she'll walk by high school. I'm teaching her some sign language and she's getting a few signs already - I think it will help her with her frustrated attempts to communicate and Keith and I are desperate to end her habit of pointing in the general distance and whining like a dog.

Banana is well too. Just over four months cooking time now and bigger than an avocado. I have found a local osteo to look after my back and started pregnancy yoga classes, so things are really moving along.

Otherwise we've been bad hippies really. The vege garden has disintegrated into a jungle of weeds with some hidden capsicum and tomatoes, the water tanks have E.coli and the composting dunny nearly overflowed last week.

Here is a video of Ivy with her fave new gadget from the toy library. Hope all of you are well and happy as we are, when not vomiting and shitting uncontrollably.

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