Saturday, January 19, 2008

random news from the ranch

Well, it's been a while, but there's been a lot going on. Xmas mayhem (wonderful chaos), camping over New Year (pics to come later), then Sammy's and Christopher's wedding (beautiful and moving) and a bout of gastro for little Cakes (really awful). But we seem to be starting to recover now, although over the last month Ivy has hit a new developmental stage of naughtiness. Since the day of her birth she has been dramatic and beautiful, two qualities that have driven Keith and I to decide that on her 14th birthday we will lock her in the attic indefinitely with a copy of Little Women and some muesli bars.

Recently she's started headbanging - and not so much in the rock-and-roll sense as in the Autism Spectrum Disorder one. Yesterday I even hat to put her in a little special-needs hat all day because it was getting out of hand.

No ear infection, says the doctor. Normal behaviour, says the baby nurse. Even a sign of intelligence (how that follows I'm not sure but we're going with it).

In these pics you can see Ivy on her new bike yesterday (note the hat and the deceiving smile), playing with her cousins at Debs birthday (and note the tricks she can do with her milk), and playing with Maya, Lara and Jason on their visit. Also some evidence featuring the 3 Mogan girls on Sam's hens night.

Hope everybody had a healthy and happy Christmas. Any advice on frustrated toddler behaviours very welcome. Finally, this video is a month or so old now, but shows Ivy conquering her Everest - the couch.