Tuesday, December 11, 2007

paws for thought

Critters are emerging from the cracks of my life. Firstly, I've been finding poo pellets around the kitchen. I'm almost sure it isn't Keith and I know they're not mine. I like to think they belong to the Kitchen Rabbit, who hops around at night while we sleep, just being cute. Not to rats, or anything, who might drag thier slimy tails creepily across, I don't know, say, the BABY's FACE. I am cleaning up a lot. I will move onto the next phase when I see a tail - a little white fluffy one.

Human critters in the guise of ex-boyfriends are also appearing- three in the last month. Two 'casual' texts and one Facebook stalk. It's not spring. Is some form of morphic resonance occuring in the minds of men?

Stay alert, sisterhood.

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  1. who? which x boyfriends? i need details! L


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