Sunday, December 16, 2007

on the road

Well, we're home from our campervan travels, wet and dirty, and slightly in need of a holiday. These pics show Ivy out to dinner in Cooma, camping and at her last music class of the year, just being at one with the bubbles.

We spent a couple of days in Charlottes Pass for a geek retreat with Keith's workmates. It was a beautiful Alpine summertime scene: lots of wildflowers and stark, spectacular scenery. Ivy the champion rock-eater was in her element. Then we headed in through Braidwood and up the coast home, sleeping in a couple of National Parks. Eventually we got rained out. We got a couple of walks in and played on the beach with Ivy but mostly we hung out in bed in the back of the van watching Ivy divebomb around the mattress and climb us both. She loves to pinch Keith's nipples hard, like they are chocolate drops. He stops her and says 'No!, shaking his she's learned to do it and shake her head at the same time.

Of course, we packed the wrong clothes, in standard holiday style. For the beach... and not the snowfields. Ivy's one sloppy joe lasted through several meals during which Ivy would perform her favourite trick (blowing food out of her mouth like a tiny volcano). She got a bit of a cold, so with her runny nose, dirty face, filthy top and flies on her eyes, she looked like the front cover of a governement health pamphlet entitled 'The Future Of Our Nation?'

Keith and I had a good time but our usual campground antics- playing guitar, reading books, drinking by the fire, were all a bit stymied by the fact that we couldn't really put Ivy down anywhere. Camping with a baby, we've decided, is hard work.
Luckily, its nearly Christmas!! Merry merry Chistmas everybody, and big love and kisses to you all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

paws for thought

Critters are emerging from the cracks of my life. Firstly, I've been finding poo pellets around the kitchen. I'm almost sure it isn't Keith and I know they're not mine. I like to think they belong to the Kitchen Rabbit, who hops around at night while we sleep, just being cute. Not to rats, or anything, who might drag thier slimy tails creepily across, I don't know, say, the BABY's FACE. I am cleaning up a lot. I will move onto the next phase when I see a tail - a little white fluffy one.

Human critters in the guise of ex-boyfriends are also appearing- three in the last month. Two 'casual' texts and one Facebook stalk. It's not spring. Is some form of morphic resonance occuring in the minds of men?

Stay alert, sisterhood.