Saturday, November 10, 2007

tomatoes, socks and politics

Babushka and Pop have just left after a short visit. Their round trip to see Sam, Chris and Isabelle in Canowindra and then us on the way home now takes about a week, once they stop at every junk-shop, Vinnies and gourmet deli on the way.

Ivy loved all the extra love and attention and we had a great time planting out the tomato seedlings - 20+ pots of lovely Romas. I hope they all survive long enough for me to get bottling.

I got a giant tick on my neck which is still throbbing like a bastard though.

What else to report? Ivy went to her first political forum - see photo. She certainly looks happier than the local Greens candidate. I went out for a night on the town to celebrate Lucys medicine exam results and had a wild time with all my buddies, which was so good for the soul.

Pregnancy and Birth magazine have commissioned 3 articles - great news. I have been feeling like I would never work again.

Keith is in great form; playing the piano and talking to himself as I write. He woke me up chattering loudly in his sleep last night... so very funny. Ivy is full of beans as always. She's started music classes which the other kids seem to get more than she does. While they were drumming and dancing along, she was trying to pull off and eat her own socks.

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  1. hey miss rach!

    seriously hoping the lack of posting is like me, and election fever has just rendered you incapacitated. Tragically we took a sweep on who would be arts minister was more exciting than melbourne cup. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a tragic thing.

    hope you're well, xxx tor


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