Friday, November 30, 2007

what a Ruddy great weekend

Oh frabjous day!

I have made fire!

I can jump puddles!

Insert your own yelp of excitement here. To plagiarise Bianca Martin (she won't notice, shes' just completed 48 hours of labour)... It's about Ruddy time! Jubilation and champagene all round.

It's been a while, but funny things have happened. Here are two: 1. In Canberra I overheard a young male student tell his friend 'I totally have to get hold of some mescaline so Josh and I can take a spirit walk.' 2. In Thirroul last week an otherwise unremarkable nanna had made the bizare sartorial decision to team a t-shirt with her slacks and Dr Scholls that read in giant fluoro letters 'Me Love You Long Time'...Oh dear. You had to ask yourself how much time she had left to love in.

Saw Sam last week in Canowindra. Great to play babies. Ivy didn't cry too many times at being climbed by Isabelle. I surfed their cable TV and felt a bit sick after over-indulging in 'The Girls of The Playboy Mansion', 'Doctor 90210' and 'What Not To Wear'. We made the 5-hour drive home on Sunday to get in twenty minutes before the neighbours were arriving for a party. Threw some pate on a plate, blew the dust off the wineglasses and we all proceeded to get quickly pissed in honour of Kevin.

Ivy dislikes sleeping currently. We hope it will pass. Otherwise she is growing like a weed, loves to turn the lights on and off and can obey the command 'put it on your head.'

This week we welcome another two lovely baby boys - Xavier and Auden. Big congratulations to Cindy, Pete, Bianca and Rich.

Tonight I'm cooking a zucchini pasta fresh from the garden and we've got Knocked Up on video - we laugh every time we remember David Stratton's review of it on the Movie Show. He was very disgruntled as he complained 'Throughout the whole film, Katherine Heigl never took her bra off.'

Saturday, November 10, 2007

tomatoes, socks and politics

Babushka and Pop have just left after a short visit. Their round trip to see Sam, Chris and Isabelle in Canowindra and then us on the way home now takes about a week, once they stop at every junk-shop, Vinnies and gourmet deli on the way.

Ivy loved all the extra love and attention and we had a great time planting out the tomato seedlings - 20+ pots of lovely Romas. I hope they all survive long enough for me to get bottling.

I got a giant tick on my neck which is still throbbing like a bastard though.

What else to report? Ivy went to her first political forum - see photo. She certainly looks happier than the local Greens candidate. I went out for a night on the town to celebrate Lucys medicine exam results and had a wild time with all my buddies, which was so good for the soul.

Pregnancy and Birth magazine have commissioned 3 articles - great news. I have been feeling like I would never work again.

Keith is in great form; playing the piano and talking to himself as I write. He woke me up chattering loudly in his sleep last night... so very funny. Ivy is full of beans as always. She's started music classes which the other kids seem to get more than she does. While they were drumming and dancing along, she was trying to pull off and eat her own socks.

the passions of ivy

When not crawling around the floor with Mummys bra, Ivy is obseessed with socks - pulling them off, eating them, putting them in the mouth of others and on her head.

Ivy is madly in love with Keith, throws herself out of my arms to get to him, and races off down the hallway at top speed if the baby-gate isn't up, to crawl into his office and gaze lovingly up at him.

kitchen cupboards
These are the Forbidden City to Ivy - if a door is open her eyes widen with the thrill of exploring new territories, and she races acoss the floor to them. Even though they are always closed before she gets there, she doesn't get upset - just sits back as if to say 'Next time, you're mine...' and then returns to her Tupperware drawer, where she keeps all her treasures (dummies, orange segments, bits of fluff and socks).

the metal thing on the supermarket trolley
Ivy loves to chew the sprocket that connects the pay-trolleys to the line. If stopped, she is furious. If I can't distract her with other objects, I try and clean it with a baby-wipe and let her chew, avoiding the glares of horrified old ladies.

astrid the peace loving dog
Made by Aunty Sammy, Astrid is Ivy's sock puppet bedtime toy. When Ivy goes to bed now, she does laps of her cot for up to an hour; Astrid in one hand and sock in the other, until she finally wears herself out and sleeps where she drops.

Last, and most importantly, Ivy loves her books, especially Spot Goes To The Farm, and the ratty, single page left of the board book featuring babies doing different things - babies take a bath, babies play with toys, etc. She will carry it everywhere and brandish it above her head excitedly. "Check it out, Mum! They're babies! And they're in the bath! Babies in the bath, look! LOOK!'

Monday, November 5, 2007

new photos of naughty buttons

The camera is back from its lengthy holiday, and so here are some new pics of Ivy, Isabelle and Babushka from our shopping trip last week. Now there are about 5 hours distance between us all, the meetings are very special. Isabelle is bigger and stronger than Ivy, who is in the bottom 10th percentile of her height/weight division. Funny, she doesn't feel like a featherweight after I've picked her up for the fortieth time in a day.