Thursday, October 4, 2007

wollongong, forgive me

Wollongong,I feel very guilty about yesterdays attack on you. I feel like I got a cute puppy for Christmas and then kicked it the first time it pissed on the carpet.

Lets make up, Wollongong. Look, Keith doesn't wash his hair and the last time I shaved under my arms was in 2005. I've got no right to be dissing your trackie dacks and daytime drinking.

I think yesterdays rant was a reaction to the hour I spent in the HCF office, Wollomgong. Ivy cried while the one-finger-typing, supercilious assistant slowly found inventive new reasons to dismiss every medical receipt I had collected over the last year.


No excuses, Wollongong.

Lets try again.

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