Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i hate wollongong

Yesterday Ivy and I reluctantly travelled to Wollongong to perform one of those painful and ultimately unsuccessful errands that make up some of the 10, 000 sorrows in the Korean proverb on life. There are 10, 000 joys as well. But you wouldn't know it in Wollongong.

What a hole.

Every kid looked like they had been raised on trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup; every teenager looked on the verge of a pregnancy featuring Holiday 50's and no ante-natal appointments, and every adult looked terminally ill, criminal or both. Was there a bogan festival I didn't know about? Was it just my mood? Is Wollongong really a circle of Hell that Dante missed?

I hope that I have just been chancing upon the badlands and that theres a whole other Gong full of shiny, happy people without shifty eyes and skin fungus. I was relieved to get back to my own burg where the kids might have worms but at least they eat brown bread.

In others news, Ivy has fallen in love with her jar of nappy rash cream and is only happy when fondling or chewing on it. Yesterday I went into her room to put some clothes away. She had a sudden spasm of joy that nearly made me drop her; arms and legs flailing with excitement - she had spooted the Sudocream on the changing table.

Also, my article is out in this months Australian Parents and I sold a story to the Herald this week, for their new Eco section. And we dug a pumpkin patch.

Congratulations to Nikki and Brian who have brought little Ethan William into ther fresh air this week. Welcome to the world Ethan!

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  1. Strangely, Ethan has fallen in love with the Sudo Cream jar too. He stares at it more fondly than he does my breasts!! Should I be worried?



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