Tuesday, October 9, 2007

beautiful ivy

Here Ivy shows off her waving skills, crawls with cuzzy Isabelle and shares lunch with her buddy Chelsea.

Skills wise, I'm proud to brag she is an early pointer - a communication tool babies usually grasp later. Also, from a very young age she has laughed at the incongruous -believe it or not, a baby milestone. Perhaps she will be a especially vivacious Sale of The Century spokesmodel.

However, both times I've let Ivy crawl around without a nappy recently she has laid a big egg on the floor. Today was bad - when I noticed it, she was also eating something with a naughty look on her face. I don't want to follow the train of thought any further.

She may be an accomplished pointer and humourist, but also a poo-eater.

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  1. darlin' angel Ivy,
    thinking of you and your glamourious mum. Was lovely to see a post on my blog. I understand the love for Sudocream, makes a great carpet filler, food and general cream for all areas - not just your tush. Mum found me with cream from arsehole to breakfast not long ago.
    lots of love and sudocream


Thanks for talking to me. I don't got cooties. Oh, except for when I got cooties.