Monday, October 15, 2007

ivystock 2007

Ivy's first birthday party on the weekend was swinging good fun. We scored fantastic weather - not too hot, not too windy, and heaps of Ivy-lovers turned out to celebrate her first year of life. Keith put on his engineers hat (and love beads) and constructed a tent city on the hill above Sharkies Beach and we hung out there, an amorphous, teeming mass of infants and grandmas, hippies and her-pies (although that didn't come out right) all playing pass-the-parcel, pass-the-baby and pass-the-beers.

Thanks to everybody who made the big drive down to spend time with us. It was a freakin' way-out, groovy party, and just what we needed to set us up with some warm, lovely memories as we head into what will be surely be a nasty, evil election campaign full of naughty buttons behaviour.

The women's tug of war got serious. Even though we cheated and lost (take note, kiddies), I injured myself bouncing off some spiky bit of Leane. It doesn't hurt all the time - only when I breathe. I took my foolish injury up to the hospital yesterday. The doctor thinks that although the x-rays were clear there is 'probably' a rib fracture, in the same way that I 'probably' only have 3 or 4 years before Ivy develops a conscious sense of shame and realises how embarrassing her mother is.

Click here for my Herald story - it come out today.

If the link doesn't work (IT, like motor function, is not in my skillset)- try searching the SMH site under 'composting toilet'...

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