Thursday, September 20, 2007

Limoncello and The Day After

Even our hair looks hungover in this photo. Scientist Bryce came to stay on the weekend, armed with a bottle of Italian Limoncella. Excited to have big-person company I drank much of it and tried to start a debate on what form the final apocalypse would take. It pains me a little to remember trying to discuss peak oil and end-of-days while Keith and Bryce, eco-scientists both, sort of looked a bit embarrassed for me and nodded encouragingly.

As I write Keith is playing blues on the piano while Ivy shakes her head like a dog (blow, cat, blow!)

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  1. All I remember from my Limoncella experience (courtesy of the Italian in-laws) was the digestive pyrotechnics aimed in the general direction of my mother. That stuff is evil!


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