Friday, September 28, 2007

house and garden

Some more of Brycos photos while our camera is still in hospital. Here is the groaning orange tree, with half its fruit still on. This bohemoth is 80 years old and delivers scores of kilos of oranges. I am hunting down recipes for marmalade and orange liquer but not sure how many I'll get to this year.They are Ivy's favourite thing to chew on while she's teething.

Looking back at the house to the Hills Hoist you can see the rosemary bush that marks the edge of the vege garden.

The beautiful Ivy, of course, mid bum-shuffle, and one of Keith's of a master craftsman. If you could see the details you may be moved to tears, knowing the beauty of what Man can create given time, brains and just a touch of Aspergers. (Keith thinks this should read 'just a touch of class'. I stand corrected).

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