Tuesday, September 4, 2007

hi daddy

While Keith is in Italy, Ivy and I are staying in Turramurra, which, with the arrival of Sam and Isabelle, has very quickly become a crazy baby-hotel at high season.

Mum and Sam went to the shops looking at wedding shoes (just like de-facto shoes but less slutty) and I had the babies alone for an hour. It was mayhem. Sam came home as I was changing Ivy's nappy on the floor and holding Isabelle up with one hand while singing maniacally 'We don't hit or grab our friends...(doodah, doodah)...' When Ivy wasn't taking Isabelles dummy out of her mouth and sucking on it, Isabelle was taking big gummy bites out of Ivy's face.

Mum and Dad have a 70 kilo retriever called Max, a gentle giant who has been forced to the bottom of the pack and is looking very depressed, banished out of the action. No other option though. Keith is his particular favourite but most of the family have nearly been sexually violated by Max at one time or another.

Watched mums secret show of shame - the Bold and the Beautiful - which ended with the heartfelt lines: Í can't believe you've implanted my mothers eggs into my ex-husbands new wife.' Dad is off playing scientist Stanley Milgram in a National Geographic Channel tele-movie today. The shoot was in Newtown, and he drove the campervan so he would have somewhere comfortable to sit and read his book at lunchtime.

Great picnic on Monday with Lisa, Nik, Matilda and baby bump. Nikki is only weeks off birth and the baby is doing Alien-style gymnastics against her big belly. So funny to think that the next time I see her she'll be plus-one.

Finally managed to speak to Keith today. From getting up at 4am in Coledale to hitting the sheets in Milan, his journey took him 52 hours. He sounds so tired. He rang last night at midnight. The mobile jerked me awake, so I leapt out of bed, tripped over the baby-gate, landed on the dog (fortunately not in a sexy manner), missed the call and woke the baby.

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