Tuesday, August 28, 2007

poo bum dicky wee wee

This week the Premiers office has been caught making a Wikipedia entry stating simply 'poo bum dicky wee wee'. Generally people scoffed...but it made me miss working in an office. Some standout good times:

1. The April Fools day at Family Planning when the whole team emailed the boss requesting maternity leave.

2. The Dr Phil website we found at AQA containing soundbites you could play over the phone. We spent all afternoon ringing everybody we knew and playing Dr Phil on the speaker: 'I want you to get serious about your life!'and 'Stop talking -and start living!' Most just acted confused but Dad said 'Listen, mate, I'm giving you three seconds to state your business and then I'm hanging up'.

3. The time at AQA when Dim and I told our workmate that a doctor was coming in to test our spines the next morning and that she should wear her swimming costume under her clothes to work. (She did).

News from the ranch: Ivy is all well, but very clingy - weaning is finished and she is not happy. Theres a lot of crying and pulling at my top dejectedly (and thats just Keith). After having successfully removed the dummy from her life, its back -and what a passionate affair Ivy is having with it. She wails without it, looks desperately for it, and sucks on it like a cold beer on a summers day (or a warm boob in the springtime).

Other than that she's in great form - eating, eating, eating. She's a slow-chewing gourmet like her Aunty Sam, preferring a selection of things laid out on her tray. She thoughtfully picks amongst them.'I think I'll start with the prune here...followed by that lovely bit of watermelon - no, don't like it, drop that out of my mouth now - I've just seen a lovely little vegimite sandwich to suck on...and perhaps a little cheese - oh joy! I've found an old bit of banana down the side here, nice and ripe...now to finish, I'll suck on this old BiLo docket I've hidden down my sleeve...'

We've been crafty in all this rain. I've been sewing bags and a dress for Ivy and Keith has put up his bookshelves. (The camera is busted but I'l add a picture soon). The sun burst out and inspired a frenzied attack on the vege garden. Eggplants, beans and tomatoes in; carrots and snow peas all finished. We even planted two apple trees - a new pink lady that fruits in warmer areas and another one to pollinate it.

Fake Fathers Day coming up this week (Keith is off to Milan for a conference this weekend and will be gone for 2 weeks). We'll miss him so much.

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