Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ivys first hospital run

Poor small Buttons developed croup this week. We've made the dash up to the hospital twice after she's been struggling to breathe and barking hard. Of course, like calling the NRMA to find your car starts when they get there, once at the hospital she'd perk right up and smile happily. Theres not been a lot of sleeping round this joint but last night she had a good night and seems to be breathing much easier today - lots of rugged-up indoor fun on the cards.

They gave her a dose of steroids on Saturday night - on Sunday she started to crawl! Whether it was the performance enhancing drugs or not, we're very proud. (Just hoping that now she doesn't develop a beard or fly into an irrational rage if her pears take too long).

The crawl is great. Its sort of a bum-shuffle with a spare leg trapped underneath that she stops and gazes at in puzzlement. She goes forward on the bum, one leg in front, then stops and hoiks the other leg around. Sam calls it the beggars shuffle. Maybe we can build her a little wagon and put her on the driveway - she can bring in a little extra cash.

In sports news, spectators may snap their protracters in half today as the Nerds FC tournament heads towards its thrilling climax. Today the engineers play Chemistry. Keiths team beat them last time they met - and Keith scored the winning goal. Next week is the semi against Physics - results later. Hang onto your retractable pencils.

I am writing an article on mothers groups, planting tomatoes and sewing frills from a pair of undies that will never fit me again onto some pants of Ivys. Oh, and trying to baby-proof the house from a small, curious one now on the move. Bobby pins, fluff, dead flies - Ivys world has suddenly opened wide.

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  1. OMG you poor things! How awful. :(
    Big kisses and cuddles from the 3 of us.

    Also, big love to the birthday Daddy. Happy (belated) salutations. We miss you guys.

    msg xxx


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