Friday, August 3, 2007

happy birthday big daddy

Keith's birthday today - he's just turned 36 too, so he's no longer my toyboy. He's watching the footy with Ivy Cakes. She's in a great mood as you will see in the attached footage....but not all has been so chirpy today.

We got home from Canberra late last night, so we're a bit tired, and something is out of kilter in our universe. Keith is in the middle of a messy paper, theres no food in the house, or nappies, or clean clothes, so I was harried-housewife, and things kept going wrong. Ants invaded the kitchen. A glass teapot threw itself off the shelf and smashed all through the stove. Ivy had the worst case of creeping-poo I've ever seen - right up the back, through the singlet. Had to put her in the bath to clean her up, where she she decided it was a good time to try and crawl, and face-planted into the deep end. Much choking and panic followed. (Although at least I didn't have to pry a dead fly out of her mouth like last week). Lamb chops for dinner,though, and new West Wings to watch, and plans to visit both grandmas on the weekend, so hopefully things will pick up.

Love you Keith, you naughty buttons.


  1. matilda giggles exactly like this. i will have to show you. she also has on that very same under jumpsuit tonight - the pink and green one! my karma is worse.......matilda has to have yukky tests done in hospital - the baby dr. thinks she has a hernia and while i was at the specialist dealing with this, the keeper of the woodchip pile landed himself in emergency, by ambulance, with chestpain! i need a medical guardian angel to tell all the crap to piss off....and mostly to leave my daughter the f---- alone!

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