Thursday, August 2, 2007

getting smashed in Canberra

Quiet, sleepy Canberra...(except for the porn industry and the pot laws).

Naughty vandals on a rampage through the quiet streets of Belconnen smashed 5 windscreens and then set a car on fire. Unfortunately for us we got a brick thrugh the back window. We were inside at the time, having a steamboat for dinner with Alan and Fun-Yi.

All is fine. The rage inside me that rose up when I saw the shattered glass frosting on the baby seat has subsided. The windscreen man has come and fixed us up. The cash we saved buying a reconditioned fridge instead of a spanky new number is gone, but we are all OK.

Home to our little place tonight - where we don't need to lock the car because vandals wouldn't find the house in the first place.

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