Sunday, August 19, 2007

the discovery channel

Rain, rain, rain. Its hammering down like a donkeys overbite.

Ivy is much better. Crawling around the place like Baby GI Jane on a mission, discovering drawers to open, cords to pull, piles to topple and all manner of things to eat. The recycling bin is popular, and so are books and magazines - she's recently figured out how to turn pages and now can sit studiously for ages reading. She's also started clapping, and spends a lot of time saying 'Bwah!', with a snorty, dramatic sigh.

Today Keith is planning to finish the bookshelves he's building for the kitchen and go for a surf in the rain. He says he doesn't mind if he gets wet. (He can sit on his board and relive the dream he had last night in which he was Art Garfunkels new keyboard player). I'm going to make some bread, read my Salinger bio and and sort out some house stuff. Other jobs on the list - the toilet, the greywater filter, the gutters - are shelved because of the rain. Forced into a lazy least, as lazy as we can manage with our tiny commando.

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