Tuesday, July 17, 2007

learning about gods porpoise

Isabelle was christened on the weekend. She was very good and didn't cry when they poured the water on her. (Unlike me when I emptied a bucket of cold water down my ugg boot on a recent frosty morning). Also, being in church made me regress to my eight-year-old self. I found it very hard not to crack jokes (and couldn't resist the one about God's tortoise. But at least I didn't get in trouble like one husband who, when the priest asked what name he gave the baby, answered 'Damien'. His wife gave him a look of ice).

I took Ivy to the eye doctor yesterday- we have been worried she is cross-eyed but he gave her the all clear. No tiny specs with brown-paper lenses for this little bunny. Fat, bald and speccy...luckily she has a winning personality. Still, beauty is a curse too - just ask Keith. He has struggled with its heavy burden for thirty-five years.

Keith has had a paper published in this edition of Applied Physics B. It's called 'Theoretical comparison between square-planar and cylindrical luminescent solar concentrators'. (Say that three times quickly). He tried flogging it to New Idea first but they said it would only work if subtitled 'Britney tries to dance - sans pants'.

What else is new? There's been some wild dream action lately. One where I dreamed that Keith was on an adventure with a giant and a dwarf named Eeny-Weeny. He was having an affair with Eeny-Weeny but then she left him. Just as I woke up Keith was undressing the giant to see if it was wearing Eeny-Weenys underwear.

Sorry - this entire post has been ridiculous.I'll look for where I left my sensible side and try again later.

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  1. please don't apologise - my scrambled brain flowed happily along with your stream of consciousness. big congrats to K on the paper. let him know i'm looking for an extra large novelty button to mark the occasion. xx


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