Saturday, July 21, 2007

the knockers were angry that day, my friends

...but the rest of me was happy.

Dropped another feed from Ivy's schedule, so she's down to 2 breastfeeds - one morning, one evening. Ai, ai, ai, the pain, the pain. I could sing like a castrato at about 6pm and 6am - but it only lasts a couple of days. Amazing machine, the human body.

We're just back from a great Saturday morning trip down to the park. Bacon and egg rolls, excellent coffee, oversized Herald, some swinging good fun (the family-friendly kind). Ivy is still making her 'brrrmmm brrmmm' noises constantly. It's like living with a tiny outboard motor.

Holidays this week! The soccer schedule has allowed Keith to take a week off (yes, I'm serious). We're going to do the house projects that we never get to - start building bookshelves, put lights up, weed the vege garden, share the care and maintenamce of our little outboard. And go out for breakfasts on the cash we save on Canberra-petrol.


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